About diana studio


The design office with the creative team is where the ideas come from with sensibility, care of details and uniqueness of solutions that distinguish the italian design.


Research & development is our heritage and know how.
Be always innovative is how we meet the needs of our partners thanks to high technical knowledge in product study.
Yarn development, machine at the forefront of knitting technology and confection are constant areas of interest and innovation.


Our internal production unit has the purpose of valorizing the Made in Italy knitwear production. We like to see our production team aspart of the design department, as the final garments comes thanks to the expertise of our technicians and tailors.
From the knitting going through the linking, washing and finishing, our purpose is to create a high quality output, involving experts and senior professionals with new young passionate generations in a clean and inspiring environment.


Sustainability is on top of our values as we want to imagine a business where beauty and future are together. We dedicate a department that follows the traceability of our production process managing responsibly the supply chain. We also believe that all the employees are the main asset of the company, where the human capital makes the difference of our ecosystem. Another priority is the excellence of products and services delivered to the client, supporting continuously the territory and the collectivity.